Villa Rose Spa

The V Spa set within the 4 Star Villa Rose Hotel, Ballybofey, is one of only two purpose built spa's in County Donegal. Why not come and enjoy the experience of the latest in natural beauty and holistic therapies by Germaine De Capuccini’s spa marine. Through the human touch allow your mind, body and soul to be revitalized, rejuvenated and rebalanced.


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Spa Thermal Suite

The Thermal Suite at the V Spa is the ultimate Spa Experience in Donegal and is recommended before your treatment to assist with intense relaxation. Enjoy a balmy Crystal Steam, Luxurious Foot Spas, the Hydrotherapy Spa Experience, which boasts swan jets and underwater jets, Tropical Showers, and Ice Fountain. Or enter the private oasis of the traditional Arabian 'Razul' Ritual, for a unique spa experience. The charge for use of the Thermal Suite is €25 per person, however residents may avail of the special Residents Rate of €15 per person.

NB: The Thermal Suite is not recommended for expectant mothers as well as some spa treatments, however please contact us for a list of suitable treatments.

With its seven treatment rooms and highly qualified Spa Therapists, the spa offer a wide variety of treatments including:

Body Wraps sucah as the deluxe chocolate wrap - a true chocotherampy with anti-cellulite effects that help reduce contours and smoothes orange peel. A luxurious source of beauty and well being.

Facial Treatments including: V Spa signature facial, D-sensitizing facial, Pure-T Facial, the Beauty Flash facial, Deep Cleansing facial, Anti-Stress & Oxygenating facial, Deep Hydration facial, Exotic Fruit facial and the Just for Men facial.

Advanced Facial Treatments including cosmetic dermo abrasion and Agera skin peels, eye contour treatments and synergyage skin rejuvenation.

Time Expert Facials, the most effecticve skincare alternative to micro-injections.

I Pulse laser hair removal technology and skin rejuvenation.

Spa Wrap Sensations, Spa Body Polish treatments, Massage Treatments, Holistic Treatments including aromatherapy and reflexology, Spa Hand & Foot Wellness Treatments and more....

At the V Spa we practice true Spa philosophy based on an oriental idea in which the harmony between body and mind can be a source of true beauty and health. The Spa environment responds to the desire for peace, pleasure and serenity in a modern society which bombarded by stress, seeks a place where body and spirit can be nurtured and a state of total relaxation and wellbeing achieved. Germaine De Capuccini has an extensive range of first class products.

Entering our Donegal Spa there is an overwhelming warmth and welcome, the promise of peace and relaxation is reflected in the ambience created by candle light, soft music and the aromatic scent that permeates the air. Your needs are identified by you and catered for by us, our professional and dedicated staff are there to take you each step of the process of relaxation, rejuvenation and rebalance. Treat yourself to pure indulgence in a sanctuary of peace and tranquillity and allow our experienced spa therapists surrender your mind, body and soul to a deep sense of well-being. We offer a wide variety of products with maximum effectiveness that respond effectively to the aesthetic and spiritual requirements of today’s men and women.

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