Facial Treatments



We offer a vast range of facial and advanced facial treatments which begin with a detailed consultation and an in-depth skin analysis. We will then tailor your facial to include a cleanse, an exfoliation, a treatment specific massage, a mask and an intensive serum. All products are from professional spa brand, Germaine de Capuccini. The hands of our highly trained therapists use a combination of massage techniques to reduce the signs of ageing. These targeted facial treatments will gently but firmly take on the challenges of sensitivity, oiliness and dullness for a healthier more vibrant complexion.

So Delicate Facial


- Ideal for sensitive skin

- Relieves, comforts & softens sensitive skin

- Hydrates & nourishes skin barrier

- Reduces sensitivity & redness

 (60 Min.)

Hyradacure Facial


- Ideal for dry & dehydrated skin

- Intensely hydrates skin

- Delays the signs of ageing

- Uses thermal water from Japanese springs

(60 Min.)

Neo Age Facial


This advanced facial combines an exclusive formula with an energetic massage technique based on facial yoga and facial cupping to achieve smoother skin and a more rested expression. This facial boasts unprecedented benefits in the reduction of dynamic and static wrinkles. (75 mins)

O2 Cityproof Facial


Brighten and revitalise the skin with this supercharged facial.  The city proof facial provides a cutaneous shield that neutralises oxidative stress caused by everyday pollution.  It results in skin that is more oxygenated with increased vitality and luminosity. (75 mins)

Deep Cleansing Facial


- Ideal for oily skin types

- Targets dead skin & impurities

- Detoxes and balances skin

(60 Min.)

Advanced Facials 

Oxygenating Facial


- Ideal for dry, dehydrated or pollution damaged skin

- Uses oxygen to boost skin for a refreshed look

- Hydrates for smoother & illuminated skin

(75 Min.)

Vitamin Glow Facial


- Ideal for smokers or pollution damaged skin

- Anti-glycation treatments to fight skin ageing

- Uses pure Vitamin C and Japanese plum extracts

- Firms and tones skin

(75 Min.)

Timexpert Rides Facial


- Advanced Facial to reduces expression lines

- Increases natural collagen production

- Diminishes the signs of ageing

(75 Min.)

Timexpert Lift(in) Facial


- Ideal for loss of elasticity of the skin

- Stimulates collagen production

- Rejuvenates, firms and lifts skin

- Increases the skin’s natural volume

(75 Min.)

Global Anti-aging Facial


- Ideal for mature or dry skin

- Targets wrinkles, flaccidity, lack of skin tone & pigmentation

- Corrects dry and hormone-deficient skin

- Creates glowing and luminous skin

(75 Min.)

Purexpert Facial


- Ideal for combination or oily skin types

- Uses natural ingredients

- Reveals pure and uniform skin

- Reduces large pores and skin irregularities

- Luminates skin tone

(75 Min.)