Sugaring Hair Removal


Did you know we specialise in Hair Removal in the form of both IPL hair removal & Body Sugaring? 

BODY SUGARING is an all-natural, modern and effective form of hair removal based on a traditional oriental technique rediscovered. 

Sugaring is performed using sugar paste which is a 100% natural product, containing only: Sugar, Water and Lemon. 

Sugaring is gentle to the skin, leaving it silky smooth and hair free.

For more information or to discuss it further please give us a call on 074-9130900.We are delighted to announce that Body Sugaring is now available at the V Spa.

What is Body Sugaring?
Sugaring is the newest old method of hair removal on the Irish market – less painful than waxing and more straightforward to say the least. Are you tired of ingrown hairs, prickled skin and painful waxing? If so then sugaring could be the answer for
you. Sugaring is often compared to standard waxing, however during the sugaring process the sugar essentially removes hair without attaching to the skin. It is applied at body temperature, eliminating pain, throbbing and redness. For this reason, Sugaring is generally preferred over waxing when it comes to removing hair from larger areas of skin. It is a skin conditioning process which acts as a hair removal technique and leaves the skin super soft as a result.

Sugaring VS Waxing

  • Sugaring is gentle so is suitable for sensitive skin, including dry skin, eczema and psoriasis.
  • Sugaring is the only 100% natural and skin friendly method of hair removal.
  • Sugaring is applied at body temperature with no possibility of burns.
  • Sugaring does not stick to the live skin so, not only is it less painful, it exfoliates at the same time.
  • After a few treatments sugaring leads to hair refinement and slower growth.
  • Sugaring can remove hair from all body parts including the face and intimate areas.
  • Sugaring is popular with women, men and teenagers.
  • Body sugaring is 100% hygienic with no double-dipping.
  • Sugar cleans away from all surfaces with just warm water.